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Our process is simple...

We can do as much, or as little as you require:

Appoint an E.P.C.

An Emergency Planning Committee is the essential resource behind any workplace emergency preparedness activity. With the right people in place, everything is achievable!

Ongoing Support

Sometimes all you need is professional support or guidance to ensure you are pointed in the right direction…

Hazard Identification

& Analysis

A critical step in the process, identification of site specific hazards and their risks will greatly assist with the development of effective documentation and procedures for the facility.


Response Procedures

Customised procedures designed to guide all facility occupants including members of the Emergency Control Organisation in the event of a workplace emergency or evacuation.

Staff Training

A key component to the emergency preparedness cycle. Without adequate training, facility occupants would be unable to respond adequately should the need arise. Customised face to face or e-learning solutions are available.


Site Inspection

The starting point for every workplace, an emergency preparedness site inspection will assist in identifying current levels of compliance to the various Australian Standards and Legislations.

Establish an E.C.O.

Persons appointed to the Emergency Control Organisation are your first call of response during any workplace emergency. Their priority is to ensure the safe evacuation of all facility occupants.

Emergency Plan

Comprising of a complete set of tools, our Emergency Response ‘folder’ provides a practical solution to the overall documentation of the emergency preparedness cycle.

Evacuation Diagrams

Graphical representation of a facility floor plan, complete with detailing of evacuation exits and key safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and first aid equipment.

Centralised Documentation

A centralised database of digital documentation improves access and management in time critical situations.

U-ni-formed: Adj. ‘Conforming to one principle, standard

                        or rule, without variations in detail’

an ingenious system for

workplace emergency planning


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